Sunday, February 23, 2014


Assalamualaikum and happy good day...

Today.. I would like to share with U olsss about two products that im currently using for my skin problem..

spots got shot & off with those heads

I have been heard about Bliv product since I was in secondary school about in year 2010-2011 from the famous vlogger, Maria Elena. She used Off With Those Heads because she had some blackheads problem.. same like me but last year..yeahhhh finally I bought it at SASA outlet at Sunway Carnival Penang.. actually I just wanna buy Spots Got Shot only cause I have some stubborn pimples on my face.. then the salesgirl have recommended me to use Off With Those Heads due to my strawberry nose.. yeah I admit it.. without any doubt.. I purchased both Bliv products... quite pricey but its better than waste your money on product that doesn't give you any benefit right?

Off With Those Heads
Have a minty scent.. Love it when I applied on my skin.. it have a cooling sensation and feel so good.. I wanna share my pic but I'm quiet shy lol... never mind.. next time maybe.. hewhew on 1st week since I applied this product.. it doesn't give any improvement at all.. just keep using this product consistently until 2nd week.. seriously.. when I touch my nose.. feel smooth and my skin become fairer.. seriously.. didn't know how to express it.. and one more thing.. when I squeezing the blackhead.. it come out easily..huahuahua.. OMGucci.. and now.. no more blackhead.. goodbye strawberry nose.. surprising.. and maybe I will repurchase this product next time..give 5stars for this product.. :D

Spots Got Shot
I just found this product on Bliv website.. and I take a risk to try this product... cause I have tried many product but they didn't work at all..  and what can I say about this product..  I'm not satisfied at all with the result... it reduce redness and after 1-2 week.. but acne still there.. for a little pimples.. it works.. and I'm not recommended this for those who suffered from serious sinus problem.. cause i also have sinus problem but not bad at all.. acne only appear at my forehead and chin.. when i did applied this.. nothing change.. this is my review about this product.. maybe you have different effect while using this product.. mybe it works for you but not for me.. different people have diffferent skin.. i only give 2stars to this product..

flawlessnote: currently using DERMALOGICA product for my acne problem.. so far.. it suits for my skin.. i will post my review about it later.. see u soon...

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